Art Journaling magazine provides 144 pages of tips, techniques, and creative prompts you can try in your own journal. You’ll discover captivating journal pages from today’s hottest artists that will inspire you to capture raw moments and polish your own journaling style.

Discover the Benefits of Art Journaling:

  • It helps you stretch your creative muscle.
  • Journaling is a rewarding activity that you can do at any time while waiting for inspiration to strike.
  • Give yourself a break in-between projects.
  • Cultivate a space that’s free from mistakes or judgment.
  • Art journaling is the perfect vehicle for experimentation. Is there a mixed-media technique you’ve always wanted to try? Test it in your journal first! Try multiple variations, so you can compare which version you like best before you apply it to another piece.
  • Learn that it's okay to put yourself first, and carve out some "me time" to journal.
  • Don't miss out. Your life is full of experiences, potential lessons, and hidden gems that might easily get overlooked or forgotten. Recording your memories, both the good and the bad, can help you grow as a person. You can vent your frustrations, and discover ways to appreciate everything that's happening around you. There is no right or wrong way to art journal.

Are you ready to take your journaling to the next level?



Each and every magazine we make is designed to
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