Digital Edition Help

Everything you need to know on how to access your digital editions and Mac trouble shooting.

If you need help downloading your digital edition, please take a moment to view our quick guide:

Digital Editions Quick Guide

My Mac Offline version doesn't open. Instead I get an error message saying the file is "damaged and cannot be opened." What's wrong?

This error is usually caused by strict download preferences on the client machine. Please navigate to your Security & Privacy settings by clicking the Apple menu and then Preferences. In the general tab of Security & Privacy you can avoid this warning by setting your downloaded apps setting to the "Anywhere" option. 

How do I download my magazine to my phone/tablet?

For Apple devices go to the App Store.

For Android devices, go to the Play Store

1) Search for "Flipbook Viewer" by 3D Issue.

2) Install Flipook Viewer by 3D Issue.

3) Visit and log in to your account.

4) Under "My Digital Library" section, click the link of the issue you want to open.

5) As this loads, you will be prompted to view the magazine in the viewer. Please click on this button. 

Follow steps 4 - 5 for each issue, and they will be downloaded to your phone/tablet to view anywhere - even without a connection!