What is your copyright policy for using stamp images?

Learn how you can use our stamp images in your artwork and for purpose of resale.

For Purpose of Resale

We welcome artists who would like to use our images in their own hand-stamped creations and wish to sell these items; therefore, we give permission through our Angel Policy to use any designs by Stampington & Company® for the purpose of resale as long as the following criteria are met:

  1. Each item must be hand-stamped. Mechanical reproductions, such as scans and copies, are not acceptable.
  2. The back of the card must contain typed, stamped, or handwritten copyright information. Please refer to the label index on the side of the image you are using for the correct copyright information. It is not necessary to include the copyright date, but please be sure to indicate the copyright information for each stamp you are using. This information needs to be listed only once for each artist, no matter how many images are used by that particular artist. For instance, if you use three images that are copyright KAREN FOSTER, you need to only list the copyright information © Karen Foster one time on the back of the item. If you use a KAREN FOSTER and a TERESA KOGUT stamp, you will need to list both of the artists in your copyright information. If no specific artist is listed, you will credit it as © Stampington & Company, just as the stamp label does.


If you have any questions about Stampington & Company's Angel Policy, please email Customer Service, or contact us at 1-877-782-6737.


Thank you for your interest in using our line of stamps to create new pieces!


Good Luck,



Kellene Giloff
President and Publisher