With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. And we have just the activity to keep you entertained. A fan favorite publication, The Coloring Studio is jam-packed with coloring pages, inspiring articles, and artwork made from the drawings. There are a number of nature-inspired pages fit for an on-the-go coloring kit to accompany your every adventure, whether you take it with you to the park or set up an impromptu, creative retreat in your own backyard.

We love simple kits like this one. They help bring creativity and artistic expression everywhere you go. As we start branching out into the world more, let’s keep the imagination and inspiration alive.


Danielle Williams
Assistant Senior Managing Editor


The Coloring Studio On-the-Go Kit


Coloring is one of those artistic endeavors that doesn’t require many tools. You could pack everything you need in a small zippered pouch or tote bag and be on your way. You’ll need something to color and your preferred coloring tools — that’s it! If you'd also like scratch paper for testing new colors, or a hard surface to color on, feel free to customize your on-the-go kit to fit your style and needs. 


  • Assorted coloring tools, such as crayons, colored pencils, gelatos, fine-tipped markers, and/or scribble sticks
  • Scratch paper (optional)
  • A copy of The Coloring Studio or select, coloring pages from the issue
  • Zippered pouch or tote 

Some of our favorite coloring tools include Tim Holtz’s Distress Crayons by Ranger Ink in vibrant or muted tones, Faber-Castell Gelatos, and Scribble Sticks by Dina Wakley.
We recommend keeping these supplies together in a small zippered pouch so it’s all set to grab as you head out the door. 





The Coloring Studio is not your average coloring book. With an imaginative collection of edgy illustrations in the Somerset style you've come to love, The Coloring Studio offers a wide variety of designs and themes awaiting your own personal color palette. Within each 112-page issue, you'll discover drawings from top artists, such as Dina Wakley, Tim Holtz, Christine Mason Miller, Suzi Blu, and more.

This coloring book also includes bonus content and ideas you won’t find in similar publications, from shading and highlighting basics to what to do with the pages when you're finished.




Free Printable Coloring Pages



Here are four FREE coloring pages (with a nature theme!) to get you started, while you wait for your copy of The Coloring Studio to arrive in the mail. 💕

Free Printable Coloring Pages





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