All of our gift subscriptions come with personalized gift announcement cards that we tuck inside a premium envelope, seal
with "A Gift for You" sticker, and mail to the recipient.

Need it sooner? We also offer printable gift announcements for your convenience. Simply click on the desired gift card image below to get started.

Click here for printing instructions.



Printing Instructions

We recommend printing your gift announcements on card stock for a beautiful presentation.

  1. Click on one of the gift card images above.
  2. Select the Printer icon, or go to File > Print.
  3. Select Actual Size to print a 4.25 x 6” card.
  4. Under Properties or Settings, choose your printer’s double-sided option. Depending on your printer, this might be labeled Duplex. In this case, select Right & left binding.
  5. Be sure to adjust your printer settings, as needed, for card stock or a thicker paper option.


Choose the Portrait option, if your paper size is larger than 4.25 x 6”. This way, you’ll only need to make two cuts instead of four!